Monday, 13 May 2013

Planning my route & pictures from Skye last year

Today was a day to really begin thinking about the route I may take, and a rough timetable I may follow in Scotland. I've never been one to plan a detailed itinerary, and much of my motivation for this trip is to travel free - free to stop and spend as much time as I like at any beautiful or alluring location I may stumble upon.

That said, my philosophy on travel, and often in life too, is in having a rough framework planned out, and then to allow for plenty of flexibility within that. This way I'll get to cover the areas I'd like to see, and still have room for spontaneity.

I've got a month to do it in, well that's how long I've given myself for Scotland, so I'll not be in any hurry at all. I've checked out the ferry costs, and a single fare isn't too expensive, I'll not be coming back to Ireland for quite a while, not to live anyhow. I've already spent time with the big road atlas out and decided on a rough route to follow..

My loose framework route

Stage 1 of the journey will be around a week long and I'll cross on the ferry to Troon, then head up the coast, before heading inland and following Lough Lomond. I'll then head on up into the highlands and stay in different locations on the way, before reaching my first 'destination', Applecross.

On previous trips I've been up as far as the Isle of Skye, but have heard many tales about 'The Pass of the Cattle' and the views of the islands from the top and from the coastline at Applecross itself - so totally new territory will begin there for me..

More about my plans soon, but I'd love to share with you a few pictures from last years trip to Isle of Skye..

On the Cullin Ridge

My friend Liz taking it easy

My bedroom view from the van after 10:30 at night.

Stunning view at the top of the island

Looking through all these, im really looking forward to getting on the road...

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