Monday, 29 September 2014

Road Diary - Day 4 | Blablacar to Yorkshire

I'd posted today's drive from Glasgow to Halifax on to see if I'd get anyone to travel with me and share the fuel costs..

I got contacted by two guys looking for a lift, one from Glasgow to Manchester, and another from Penrith to Halifax. I've just done the sums, and their share (recommended amounts by Blablacar) paid for half the diesel for the trip! Thanks guys.

It's also been great having company for the long drive today - 5 hours +. Rick had been living and working as a chef in an outdoor pursuits centre in Scotland and was heading home to put his house on the market and start a new life.

Having spent a number of years doing help exchange jobs in different parts of the country in the past he was keen to live a freer more simple life travelling, and had coincidentally seen my videos on YouTube while looking into Hiace camper vans. We also both turned out to be inspired by the zen teacher/philosopher entertainer Alan Watts.

We picked up Peter in Penrith, originally from Holland he was now living in Paris and had been working at a campsite in the Lake District for the past few months. We talked about many things.. Future plans, potential jobs, relationships.. Thanks for the gift of the hawk's feather Peter.

I've now made it to Dave's at in Halifax, and I'm overnighting in the workshop parked next to this Mercedes G-class up on the ramps..

The view from my van door!

Dave is currently welding up new bumpers for this one. He's also going to make some modifications to the roll cage and do some bodywork repairs as well - plenty to be getting on with there.

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