Thursday, 2 October 2014

Road Diary Day 5 & 6 | In God's Country | North Yorkshire

The past couple of days I've been spending time both preparing my van for a longer trip, and out driving in the dales and moors..

We have carried out some adjustment to the rear suspension set up, and changed the fuel filter on the engine to complete the service and have everything just right.

Then I went for a drive on the moors with Rob in his L300, to test everything out and have some fun, off road driving and taking in some of the amazing scenery in this neck of the woods.

Rob's Mitsubishi L300

I've also been enjoying great hospitality with Rob and Val, and great conversation about our past and future adventures in our campers. It's been great to spend the time up here, and I'm feeling inspired to begin the journey further south..

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See you soon..

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  1. Have a great trip south dude ,take care drive safe. Your truck looks stunning you must be very proud of it. See you at some point when I can get down to you. Cheers n beers Rob.