Monday, 13 October 2014

Road Diary - Day 14 | Driving through Portugal

Rio and I set off from Barragem de Alqueva an hour earlier than on previous days at 10am as the sat nav reckoned it would take 3 1/2 hours to reach our destination..

I decided to break the journey up into roughly three hour and a bit long drives so as to take driving breaks and rest the engine in the heat.

The first place I decided to stop was to be in Beja, a place I had stayed overnight on my return trip to the UK back in March. In face I returned to the exact location again to see if it had changed much. (original visit) I discovered that the wooded area I'd stopped in previously, was now fenced in and so I had to park in a carpark nearby.

I was glad that I hadn't arrived here the night before to stay the night. Still Rio enjoyed his walk in the park and had a stretch, and I had a cup of tea and checked the water levels in the engine - all ok.

After lunch we got back on the road; I was enjoying not being on the big motorways anymore and seeing a lot more local culture and landmarks along the way. Also we were now getting really close to the Algarve area of Portugal - my winter destination.

After another short stop off in Silves, during which the torrential rain showers began! we were well on our way.. I was now getting into really familiar territory from last winters trip, and as we rolled across the land bridge by Portimáo, the journey was nearly over.

On the last stretch around Lagos area, the rain was pelting down so hard I had to slow down just to drive safely and see the road in front clearly. I knew I'd soon be making jokes about bringing the weather with me!

Parked up in the field again below stormy skies..

When I finally arrived I was reunited with the family I had stayed with last winter, and having stayed with them for so long last time, it felt like returning to a home from home (wherever home is now, I just don't know!) Thanks for having me back Mel & Luke.

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