Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lagos to Beja | Algarve 4WD off road

And so, I find myself unexpectedly back on the road again. Long story. My personal circumstances have changed and I'm heading back to old GB. It makes me reflect on the forces in life that will drive a man to cross continents, sail over the oceans or climb mountains.

How often in my life I have done this for love, many people do it for money or security, fewer still do it purely for the adventure; pushing out further from their comfort and familiar life purely for new experiences and the freshness of a live brought to fullness by change.

I feel a sense of strength that  I've gone further for adventure alone, even if aspects of it didn't go to plan, then, nothing does.. but I return for another reason..

I'm camped in a sizeable wooded picnic area on the edge of a largish town called Beja. The weather is mild but it's dark now. It's a lively feeling in this town - biggest place I've been around in months and its quite an uplifting feeling to be surrounded by this energy.

It feels really good to be back on the road in this tank of a truck. Yesterday I took it off road in low gear box in the west Algarve hills and tackled some steep rutted forest tracks, forded a river and drove along sand tracks and it never once felt I could get stuck. Awesome experience - the Algarve is the place for 4x4 driving and my van really inspired my confidence.

It got a lot more extreme than this - no stopping for pics..

The drive up here to Beja wound through hills, and across seemingly endless Alentejo plains. I made the right decision to stay off the motorway. The main roads are much more interesting - lots more to see and life going on in the towns and villages, dark skinned orange sellers on the roadside with donkeys, then in the big town the usual cosmopolitan sights of people jogging, teenagers hanging out in cars and sirens as police or ambulance pass by on a busy road.. Its great to be back on the road!

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  1. Beja! yes very quiet and cool place, so coming back to uk? if u interest in a place to park a night in the way to uk, I'm with my Delica 4x4, in the Bordeaux area, maybe will be cool to have a coffe and talk about some histories and experiences! if not is ok and have a safe trip back home! :)

  2. Thanks for the invite Dan, but i am travelling via Santander, so I won't be in your area. Maybe we can hook up another time. Take care, Chris

  3. I like the new look of the van... more 'utility' and less 'trendy'. It better suits the big tires and snorkel.

  4. Yes, I think its a definite improvement - although it came about from a less than desirable scenario. I have a better vehicle now because of it. Things happen and we don't know what the consequences will turn out to be eh.