Friday, 14 March 2014

At the workshop in Spain day II - fault diagnosis

I woke up at first light here in Banos de Montemayor, and it was also a little chilly, but not too bad. I was soon up and making coffee and expecting the garage to open pretty soon. By 9am everyone had arrived and they were already getting started with things. It wasn't long until we wheeled the van into the workshop and the two mechanics were continuing to strip down the engine bay to remove the water pump.

Quite a big job as you can see.

It must have taken about two hours, but one of them came to the door of the van to show me this..

The Hiace water pump - the cause of my problem.

This is how the engine bay looked after the water pump was removed..

They then set to work, cleaning up the gasket area with some potent smelling solvent as I was eating lunch in the back whilst chatting to friends on Facebook. Also I was starting to look around online for a job in Scotland - more on al that another time. So all I had to do now was wait for the quotation and time for the repairs. 2pm came and it being siesta time we all had to go out for two hours.

I took the opportunity to go for a walk around the village and explore the hillside a bit. I discovered it was quite a picturesque place I'd be living in for a few days. I was also contacted by my breakdown recovery team who told me basically what I had already been told about the water pump - it always takes a while for the information to go through the system and they have to keep you informed as well as the garage. I was also reminded I was entitled to stay in a hotel and have a car for the time i was waiting, but I declined as I am happier living in the Hiace even if its in a workshop - also, being there all the time means that my job will be prioritised and I won't be sitting around waiting for phone calls to try and find out whats happening - I can see it unfolding before my eyes.

So back to my walk around the village. I took a few pictures so you can see for yourself..

 The setting of the happenings I am describing.

 The view up the street from where I am staying at the garage.

 Looking the other direction.

 I came upon this old church amongst the maze of streets.

 Zoomed in on the gargoyles - I wonder how old they are and what the pople who made them believed about them?

 How many of the streets in this village looked.

 View over the rooftops of Banos de Montemayor.

 I walked up the hillside along this Roman road..

Not a bad place to be washed up eh? I can think of a lot worse places.

When I got back to the workshop at 4pm everyone was meandering back in after their 2hr break. The Spaniards have the right idea when it comes to getting things done. Everyone was chilled out and ready to get back to work until 7pm. I soon got word that the new water pump should be here by friday, and it is even possible that I may be able to leave by friday evening. They do need to test it out to make sure there is no further damage, but there seems to be confidence that this will fix it. There is certainly no visible evidence of anything else amiss. The bill is also pretty reasonable - like I have a choice in the matter anyway! 

So here I am resting in the van after a long day, but its given me the chance to catch up on many things online and explore a bit - I'll hopefully only have a couple more days like this, but I can't cling to any certainties really which is ok. Should I take the free hotel room if I'm here over the weekend?

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