Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beja Portugal to Caceres Spain

Today I awoke to the sounds of a town coming to life around me, and I sheltered in the park beneath tall trees. It was a little cold, but not too cold at all. Soon I was making coffee and listening to the local radio station; a friend to all on the road. It amazes me how I am getting to know all the latest pop songs, and listening to the music being played and enjoying it – you can get used to anything, the emotions and sentiments are human and universal.

I made my way to the local shopping centre car park, first stop, to pick up a wifi signal and get in touch with my friends back in GB, the plans are changing daily and as my journey progresses, what I shall return to and where I shall be going is changing daily as well. Its something I am used to and its a source of enjoyment and always brings a smile to my face – when something changes suddenly form what was planned. I think travel opens me to flow with the changes and a new story emerges before the previous one has had time to etch itself into my mind.

Back on the road I was enjoying the drive, with another new future tale being told as I revved and bounced along the country roads sometimes the horizon vanishing into distant places I'd never see, but always the tarmac carpet receding behind me and new sights and memories coming into existence as I re-exist moment to moment. I did not know what to expect and on entering Spain, the rural landscape was glowing with a heat from the sun that took me by surprize; weather and climate are my friends today – it must be in the mid 20s here.

I'd intended to stop for lunch somewhere around 1pm, but as I entered the more rugged rural landscape, there was nowhere off the main road that asked me to stop, the flow of the drive and the ever closing gap towards my destination of Caceres pulled me onward; the van too was still hungry for miles he said, so on I went. I did make a quick sandwich when I stopped for fuel actually. The petrol station I stopped at just before leaving Portugal had no fuel for sale which was a bit disconcerting at the time as I was below ¼ tank, hehe. When I did stop and fill up I also put 10L in my jerry can for peace of mind, though its rare not to see a place to fill up.

So here I am now, camped just outside Caceres. I arrived about 3:30pm with the time zone change, about 3 ½ hours driving – just about right. The most beautiful sunny day here, unbelievable, and the scenery – rocks like sculptures, yellow flowers blooming everywhere and brown horses grazing in the fields. I then took a walk out to see the storks nests on top of the rocks and discovered an inland Loch uncannily like those in Scotland, but for the white storks and egrets, and the croaking of frogs everywhere. I've been walking and exploring the area for a few hours until nightfall, taking too many photos. I'll let them do the talking for now..

Good spot for the night?

My view for dinner

Whilst out walking..

Storks watching the sunset..

Relaxing after another day full of new life..

Goodnight my friends..

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