Saturday, 15 March 2014

Banos de Montemayor, Spain, Day III

Today has been a waiting day, as nothing was is due to happen until Friday when the replacement water pump arrives. So a good opportunity for a lie in and getting things in order in the van. It turns out the spot I have been parked at outside the garage was in the shade all day so no solar power to speak of to put some charge into my battery - thankfully they are very happy to let me hook up to the mains to power up and keep things working, also charging the battery for the evening when everything is locked up.

Also an opportunity to head out again and do a bit of exploring in the hills around the village. So after a good rest, and freshening up, I was feeling good and ready to go..

The first thing noticeable on walking away from the garage is this huge palm tree, right beside a sign warning of ice within 3km. Although at 700m above sea level, we are right down in the valley here, but immediately the road climbs steeply and snakes upwards into the hills. I decided to go further along the Roman road today and see where it led.

I'd noticed the day before that as I trod along the paved roman road, I heard rustling and scurrying in the dead autumn leave along the verges. I hadn't managed to see what creature was making the noise, but today I saw the culprit - these little lizards are 4 - 6 inches long and warm themselves by basking on the paving slabs at the roadside, before making a hasty retreat as I approached. This one froze as she knew I saw her and I was able to make this picture before she got away. If anyone knows what kind of reptile it is please let me know.

I reached a point on the path further than the previous day, thinking about how this road would have been built by slaves long ago, and then noticed this patch of cultivated terrace. This land had not seen any machinery, and the footprints up and down in the soil suggested people and donkeys doing the ploughing. I was curious too about the little shed, its roof held down with rocks..

 A journey through time.. At this point I was walking on the roman road, beside the A road, and the motorway is just above.


 Map indicating cattle routes through the hills.

 One such path I followed today.

Plenty of time to do nothing but take in the view and relax after a drink from the fountain.

I wonder how long this place will be home? I can think of worse places to be stranded. There are still plenty of walks to explore and things to see around here, but hopefully I'll be back on the road soon. ..But, its not really a time for making any definite plans; better to just settle where I am until things find their own course again in the mountains of time.

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