Sunday, 16 March 2014

Banos de Montemayor, Spain - Day IV

My home for the weekend ..

My spot for the weekend on the garage forecourt..

Yes, I am here for the weekend.. The new water pump did not arrive this morning unfortunately, so there is nothing else for it but to wait until monday before the work can resume. Something about the package going missing in transit, so I'm confident things will get underway on Monday again. That's my spot outside the garage. Its in the shade, which is good in the afternoon, but pretty cold here in the mountains in the morning. In fact the corner I'm in never gets any sun due to the positions of the surrounding buildings.

Today, after a morning relaxing and catching up with my online activities, I went out during siesta time for another walk, this time down the hill, to see if I could get to the lake below. Its a good time of day to go out, as there is not a soul on the streets and I have the whole village to myself to explore..

 Walking down the main street in Banos.

Inspiring ironwork.

At the edge of the village I came to another stone church and had a look around before walking on beyond the built up area..

Just a little way along the road I came to yet another small church..

A bit further along the roadside there is a track leading off to the right, and I strode onward down it in the direction of the lake. The land around was now all fields with cattle grazing. The original bridge across the stream was still standing next to the newer concrete one..

Not much further and I came upon this little villa with an incredible view down to the lake..

 Can you hear the palm tree rustling in the breeze?

I came upon this skinny horse who as more than pleased with the handfuls of grass I gave her.

There are some amazing little farms and homesteads dotted around the valley..

Finally I made it down to the lake and it was worth the walk for sure..

I sat and rested on this rock, gazing out across the water for quite a while, before exploring further..

An incredibly peaceful place and not a soul to be seen..

Again there were small lizards that would scurry away as I approached, and eagles could be seen occasionally circling overhead. I must have sat around here in the sun for more than an hour just watching. During that time I saw three fish jump for flies, so I may return tomorrow with my rod..

The river enters the lake just beyond where this was taken. A perfect spot for fishing.

It was a forty minute walk back to the van, mostly uphill, so by the time I was back I was ready for a cup of tea and to lie down for a bit. It felt really good though, to have had the exercise and soaked up some sun, as well as to have spent time sitting in the peaceful surroundings by the water. I'll definitely return tomorrow, and perhaps explore the far shore of the lake, bringing some supplies for a longer exploration of the area. I'll sleep well tonight..

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  1. Glad to see you're making the best of it and keeping a positive attitude. Still a better situation to be in than being stuck in a cubicle every day :-)

  2. Yes, it was a pretty perfect place to be stranded for a few days - beautiful scenery, weather and places to explore. I also had free wifi and electric hook up courtesy of the garage. Thanks Auto Castro, Avda. de las Termas, 110, 10750 Baños de Montemayor - Cáceres.

  3. Great pictures Chris. What a positive outlook you have. Really enjoy following your journey. Safe journey back to GB. All the best Al.