Sunday, 12 October 2014

Road Diary - Day 13 | Finding Rio, Travelling with a Dog

Today has been a great day.. For a start I have crossed from Spain into Portugal. I am also no longer on the monotonous motorways..

..but back on 'Hiace' roads. The A and B roads here that have a max speed of 90kmh (Hiace cruising speed), pass through lots of interesting places, and are often nearly empty except closer to the villages. It's a real pleasure to travel this way in the Hiace, and it really comes into it's own in this environment.

The big motorways in Spain on the other hand, roll on relentlessly, and often have very long and steep sections where the 2.8 non-turbo 3L engine is not at home, dropping to 40 or even 30mph at times. The roads are not busy, but it's not so much fun. Also it's hot and advisable to stop every hour or do to let the engine cool off a bit. If anyone has the 3 litre turbo - let me know how that goes if you've driven it here please.

So I am driving along a quiet country road enjoying the journey and I decide to turn off to take a break and get a drink from the fridge. As soon as I stopped this little dog comes bounding over to me, tail wagging, and immediately makes himself at home in the van.

No collar on, nobody around at all, and no houses nearby.. It seems he is pretty hungry too. Having been thinking about looking for a rescue dog in Portugal, it wasn't a difficult decision to let him come along with me.

So meet Rio, my new travelling companion!

He is very laid back and has been enjoying his first day in the van. Doesn't roam too far from it when I stop, and he's yet to bark. He only growled once earlier today when he saw a dog through the window. Time will tell..

So, we are now parked in this location tonight, near Barragem de Alqueva..

It's a pretty empty spot, but occasionally people have been coming down to catch fish from the pontoon. Doesn't seem to take long to catch one, but I asked and a permit is required to fish here, so had tinned sardines earlier.

Rio asleep - head on my crocs.

I am going to incur some vets costs getting Rio sorted out with inoculations etc and legal to travel back to the UK when I return. I am thinking of doing an appeal to help with the costs when I know them, but if anyone would like to make a donation you can do it now via the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Guess that answers the dog question looks like a nice chap.