Wednesday, 15 October 2014

First few days in the Algarve | Update on Rio the dog

I'm fortunate enough to be house-sitting and dog-sitting for the first week here in the Algarve, so I've got plenty of time to explore the area and take a few trips..

In the above photo you can see I've had my hands full since I arrived, especially now that I have Rio to look after as well. I took the photo after giving the dogs a walk on a beach ten minutes drive from where I am staying.

Some of the spectacular scenery I have the opportunity to explore. You can see the beach where I walked the dogs in the background at the bottom of the cliffs, its also a popular surf location - Praia das Cabanas Velhas.

I parked up to explore the nearby Forte de Almádena the ruin of a seventeenth century fort, built to protect tuna fishing vessels from pirate attacks. The photo looking down on the sea was also taken from there. Its a quiet spot during the day with quite a rough track for access.

I haven't spent the night up there yet, as I have to take care of feeding the animals but I definitely plan to. The views from there are spectacular and there can be a cooling breeze. I am told that the sunrise is beautiful from this location too. I was chatting to a guy who was staying up there in a self-converted Peugeot van.

I'm sure you are wondering how Rio is getting on? Well he is doing really well and is a joy to have always around. In fact he is lying here sleeping beside me as I write this. I have been spending a lot of time learning about dog training and I've started teaching him to sit, and to come back - he's starting to learn well after just a few days. Also I'd like to say THANKS! to those who have donated some money towards getting his inoculations and microchipping. We have found out from the vet that it will cost €60, and I am pleased to say that we are already half way to that, thanks to your help! If anyone else can help, the donate button is in the page footer.

Here's Rio enjoying one of his beach walks. He has a new collar and lead now - he doesn't need to wear that luggage strap anymore. In fact he's on his second collar now as he broke the first one; so strong for such a wee fella!

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