Thursday, 9 October 2014

Road Diary - Day 10 & 11 | Sailing to Spain with Brittany Ferries

I left my overnight spot, 1/2 hour outside Plymouth by 10am and trucked down the hill..

I filled up on fuel for the drive on the other side and then parked up at the ferry terminal in Plymouth. It looked much as it had around this time last year when that time I spent the night here.

I got everything organised for the crossing during the long wait to board the boat. I'd not be in a cabin of my own, but this time I knew what to bring to make it as comfortable as possible.

Survival Kit for the 20hr crossing

- Sandwich & drinks
- Book & headphones
- Small pillow & blanket
- iPhone charger & euro adapter
- Wash kit and towel
- Light trousers for sleeping

(There is a shower room available to those not in cabins on Brittany Ferries from Plymouth to Santander).

Looking over the side of the ferry

I had a pint of Guinness and relaxed a while, listening to the inboard entertainment. Then after a bit of time spend wandering around on the outside decks, I retired to the recliner lounge to read my book and sleep. It's been a lot of driving lately.

The Bay of Biscay

After a reasonably comfortable night, all things considered, I had croissants and coffee for breakfast, after a very welcome shower I'd come prepared for this time. After a night in a chair it's an essential start to what will be a tiring day.

Arriving into Port of Santander

Lots of people were on the front deck for the arrival in Spain - it was a breezy 20° outside while taking in the stunning views of the city & harbour and over to the Picos to the south.

It seemed like a long wait to disembark once back in the van, but suddenly I was driving off - back onto familiar roads. Just a few roundabouts and exits and there I was on the autovia heading south into the mountains..

On the road in Northern Spain

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