Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Coffee, Pancakes, and Solar ☀️ | Espania 2018

Our days go like this..

Latest diary entries..

As my house batteries aren’t what they once were, I try n catch every amp available 👌🏻

Pancakes for lunch.. mmmm.. old MAiN 254B stove courtesy of workmates in Gairloch, Ridge Monkey thanks to Dan n Abi 😘

Tasty and with a bag of flour in the van, running out of bread is not a problem! 😉

Stop complaining.. pictures of food are important.. it’s one of life’s greatest joys - preparation and eating 😋

Late afternoon view from my sofa..

So how do you feel about your coffee consumption?

What’s your favourite thing to cook in the van?

How’s the solar system working out for you?

I’ll be back soon! 👋🏻

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