Monday, 10 December 2018

Why Real Work Pays

A quiet spot near Alicante that was ‘home’ for a few days.
There is a typewritten version for the hard of hearing below the original handwritten pictures..

It’s a common question about life on the road; how do you finance it? 
Well there are of course many answers to this, and on my travels I’ve met people with interesting solutions.
There are those who have retired, those who have sold up their business. There are those who work from their van online; there are those who perform music or perform on the streets. Some offer massage therapies to surfers, some will read your fortune, some are mobile mechanics and technicians to the mobile community.
My philosophy, however is that hard work pays. For the past few years I have split the year roughly in two. One half living and working in a wonderful and beautiful location, and the other free as a bird, travelling!
It’s not the only way to do it, and it may not be your way to do it. We all have different aspirations and skills. There are a number of reasons that I think and actually experience that make this a great option:
1. During the time that I’m travelling I am totally and completely free from work concerns and commitments - its like being retired 1/2 the year.
2. When I am working, I have the structure, social relations and location or roots which satisfy a human reality.
3. When working there is always a huge incentive and my spirits are high as the light at the end of any tunnel is close and very bright as the Mediterranean sun!
4. It’s easy to stay employable for similar reasons and give 110% as motivation is so Hugh even in low paid jobs.
5. Relationships at work are good as motivation is high. Also - there’s less entanglement in work politics and negativity as you are walking away after five or six months so you don’t get tired or annoyed by bosses or colleagues.
6. Doing the sort of outdoor manual jobs I do keeps me very fit and healthy - not sitting inside at a desk all day for a few weeks holiday a year.
7. In the evening there’s no work stress to take home with me - I’ve done a good days work doran honest days pay and I can sleep well.
8. I am still living in my camper in some of the most beautiful places in the country and many other people there are relaxed, in good form on their holidays, friendly and generous!  
9. When away travelling for months on end its a good feeling to know there is a job and income waiting for me on my return to the UK, or the option to change jobs to refine the lifestyle further.
10. When away I have time to help others out in their endevours; some are working on the road which is sometimes a tentative existence for them. I can also work on other creative projects, or develop other means of making an income online for example.
I’m sure more thoughts and ideas on this will come to me later today. I’m not going to edit these reflections as they are always developing for me...
What do you think about it all? How would your ideal travel lifestyle differ from mine? I like the clean contract of work hard, enjoy the freedom to the full!

As I say, I’m interested in any of your thoughts and ideas on the subject so you can let me know here or on Facebook. 

Enjoy your work!

Bye for now πŸ‘‹πŸ»

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