Saturday, 19 October 2013

Blablacar review | At Plymouth Docks | Living in a Hiace Camper Van

Hi all, I am having a beer, and watching Pale Rider, parked near Plymouth Docks, in good time for my ferry tomorrow. I wanted to share with you a great find, and a great way to cover the cost of fuel on a trip.

I just found out about Blablacar recently while in Bristol, and I wish I'd found out about it before I hit the road back in June. Basically it's a car sharing website and iPhone app on which you can post your planned journeys and it links you up with paying passengers who want a lift.

Yes, the site calculates a price range for your journey, which you can adjust, then passengers save money on the usual public transport or taxi costs by traveling with you. When you post a trip, it also suggests options for towns you may go via to pick up others on the way.

Today I gave Rowan & Ruby a lift from Bristol to Exeter, and I received a fare from each which was very reasonable for them, and covered my fuel cost for that trip. It worked out well for them too as I was able to pick them up from their address which was close to where I was parked in Bristol.

For all the details take a look at the website It's free to sign up and there is no fee for the service. All good! I've also posted my journeys through Spain & Portugal on there, so if anyone needs a lift, get in touch.

Well, it's a clammy night here in Plymouth and there's been a lot of lightening earlier too. 15° here and I just checked the temperature for Santander and its 23°! I've noticed the climate getting milder as I drove south through England, and I'm looking forward to the journey south through Spain on Monday.

It's great to be here now, with lots of time on my own to relax and make final preparations for the journey ahead and to let it all sink in that I'm heading off to a new life and new adventures..

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  1. Will use the journey sharing site when I go off on trips, what a good idea it is! Thank you for letting me see your van and how it's so well set up. I really appreciate that. It's inspired me and I know that I have no need for electric hookup which is the way I want to go.

    Loving my Toyota van just as it is at present and getting out and about locally but planning ahead a little for next Spring. Thinking about sailing from Oban to Western Isles, back to Ullapool then up to Sutherland, then ??? Oh the joy even just thinking that's now possible!

    I like your latest van modifications which give you more scope to venture into the wilderness!

    Wishing you good luck for your adventure to warmer places. Enjoy!

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Helen, Good to hear from you again. It sounds like you are feeling really inspired about the future possibilities in your camper, amazing. The whole Western Isles trip is a great idea, and Oban a perfect starting point. (I went to Mull from Oban). I think the sense of freedom with having a camper and knowing the possibilities and potential is the greatest thing. Planning your trips and what seems possible only increases after every travel experience. Thanks for the good wishes : )