Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Working in Portugal | Scotland Tour Video | Living in a Hiace Camper Van

Things are going really well here in Portugal - I've been working for a couple of days now and I'm really enjoying it. I'm starting to lay out a vegetable garden on the land attached to the villa here. The first thing I had to do was to cut back some heavily overgrown bushes, and remove all the old branches for burning; pretty hot work and I was glad it was a more overcast day than usual for here.

After that, I've been servicing the irrigation system, cleaning out components, and replacing broken ones. There isn't usually a lot of rain here, so its important to have a functioning irrigation system if you're going to try and cultivate a variety of vegetables, herbs and salads, as is our plan here. After I had the irrigation system working correctly, and tested it, I got onto creating some wooden edges for the beds. There is quite a bit of old wood stored here, so I've been able to salvage enough treated 2x4s for the job.

Back in June when I was beginning my travels around Scotland, I was shooting quite a lot of video. I've now got time to myself to do a bit of video editing, so I've put together this video of the old church I found near Loch Awe, originally written about here . Let me know what you think - it really was an incredible place to stumble upon..

Well, I am so glad I have made the journey here to Portugal for the winter. The weather and climate are really unbelieveably beautiful. I've just been looking at the local weather forecast for the week ahead and so I've been told this is pretty typical all winter..

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  1. Hi Chris

    I'm pleased that you are happy in your new place. It sounds great and I must admit I did feel a pang of envy looking at your local weather forecast! :)

    Really enjoyed your video of your discovery of the ruined church at Loch Awe. Worldwide there is so much for us all to discover and think about.

    Love your blog. It is so interesting and inspiring.

    Kind Regards