Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Journey to Portugal, the Algarve | The Adventure Continues | Living in a Hiace Camper Van

Its been a few days since I posted an update - so much has been happening. I'm still overwhelmed by the new experiences I am having every day here, so I'll tell the story in pictures and a few comments. Enjoy!

 A stop off in Spain on the way down.. I later passed this group of overlanders again by the side of the road - one had broken down - I wonder what became of them.

 At the Aire in Palencia that I mentioned in the previous post. Lots of motorhomes from all over Europe on their way south for winter. If you're not on your way, why not?

 I saw this sign and couldn't resist a photo : )

I didn't expect the signs to be so straight forward to follow!

The following pictures were taken during the day today in Lagos. I've been spending time with my friends Julian and Josie, who by complete co-incidence had booked a holiday here just as I was arriving. We've been spending quite a lot of time together.. All this as I am getting to know my surroundings and my new employer, so much happening as I said. Today has been an amazing day, 23 deg C, lots of time on the beach and swimming in the sea..

 After spending so much time trying to catch fish in Scotland - here in the Algarve you just dip in your net, the sea is alive with life.. Taken in Lagos, Portugal.

 The old town in Lagos

 The castle in Lagos

 Sails of a dinghy training group can be seen beyond the castle walls.

 The Fire Station in Lagos
 I took a walk along the coastal paths outside the town, on my way to meeting up with friends on a nearby surf beach. Amazing rock arches and blue seas

 One of my local beaches as seen from the coastal path

 The beach - looking into the background you can see the cliffs the last picture was taken from

The sunset as I was walking home along the cliffs

Its really one hell of a drive to get to here, but its been well worth it as you can see. I didn't plan to tour on the way down, just to get here and then explore from this point, so I kept driving and made short stop overs on the way. I'll be sharing my experiences and the places I venture to right here.

I've been very fortunate that the place I am staying, and the people I will be working for for the next while have turned out to be really great. I'm looking forward to starting work properly tomorrow morning, though I've already taken a dog to the animal shelter, cut down overgrown bushes, and dismantled a satellite dish over the last few days - its set to be varied and unexpected it seems!

I've opened up the comments section so that you don't need to be on Google+ to comment on the blog. So I hope to hear from you if you've any questions, tips, or just want to share your thoughts..

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  1. Steve Killingbeck28 October 2013 at 19:04

    Love the Blog Chris read at work tho IT police restrict some pictures and cannot comment either.
    Keep living the dream.

    1. Thanks Steve, good to hear from you - I'm really pleased we were able to hook up before I headed off back in june. Its turned out to be a loooong month for me, lol. I hope alls well back in Norn iron..