Thursday, 14 February 2019

Cabo de Gata, Níjar | España 2019

The end of the road? The limit of my journey this winter, Sierra de Cabo de Gata..

Life changes.. day after day..

Cabo de Gata, my most southerly destination.. 
I will return north east, and further explore the natural park area in the coming weeks.
The current camp is just south of Almadrava on the road to the lighthouse.

The view along the coast, south of Mojácar, bound for Carboneras..

Passing through Carboneras, after turning west again..

Rio takes in the passing scenes, new and remembered..

Local industries represented.. a fishing boat,  and poly tunnels, origin of the EU's tomato supplies..

We finally reach the coast again at El Cabo de Gata village, and refill the water tanks..

My final stretch of road for this trip, it'll be slowly back north from here on..

Looking west from the sierras, in the direction of El Cabo de Gata, and Almeria city beyond..

The sunset over the southern Mediterranean Sea, for the first time on this trip!

Here, I have reached the physical limit south, of my travels this year,
But the adventures are long from over - there are still many weeks travelling north again ahead..
I've been thinking, if there's anything anyone would like to know, about any aspect of the 
travelling life, or the van in general, please do ask..
I have made out a list of topics for some more philosophical posts related to this lifestyle, 
so soon I'll be doing more pieces of this nature..
So if you have any ideas or thoughts you'd like me to cover,  comment, or end me a message 👌🏻
Have a good day, wherever you are, 
Bye for now 👋🏻

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