Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Hiking at Cabo de Gata | España 2019

Lunch time on the ridge on Sunday afternoon..

Diary updates, sorry.. 
censored for personal content 🚷

Parked next to 'The Purple People Eater' at the village..

A few peaks to climb lay ahead..

Mooi on Sunday's route.. The vans already far below..

Enjoying the scene these palms gaze at every day..

Paul points out the return paths..

Heading down into a strong wind..

On Monday we approach the first summit..

Keeping out of the wind near the first summit..

Paul, Mooi, and Rio at the first windy summit..

About 1/2 an hour later after some scrambling, 
Rio and I on the second summit..

A ten minute break on the way down again..
Rio takes a power nap..

The view looking back down the valley toward the Cabo de Gata lighthouse..

We had a good couple of days hiking here and plan to meet up again
 in a week or so to do some of the coastal walks further into the natural park area..
Feet up for a day I think!

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