Saturday, 9 February 2019

Playa de Macenas, Mojácar | Espania 2019

I know where I'd rather live..

Just a couple more days in February.. 😁

A private sunny 'garden' behind the Hiace..

A walk to Mojácar..

The view looking back.. 1/2 an hour or so along this path gets me to Mojácar..

A view on Mojácar playa from the sea wall..

'Fairy Castles' look back toward the vans.. busier than last year here..

A couple of nights here is a welcome change from the busyness of Garrucha Port area.
Great having a full fridge again,
I tend to only shop every ten days as part of my travelling budget.
Nice and peaceful here, and there are many great walks to explore song the coast..
More soon 👋🏻

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