Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Svensson pays a visit.. | Espania 2019

Jimmy paid a visit on his way back from Morocco..

The latest from Hobo’s log..

Left to right, myself, Paul, Jimmy..

Having a beer at the back of Jimmy’s Hiace.. Tony, Paul, myself..

Left to right.. Jimmy’s Hiace, Paul’s Peugeot, and Tony’s Transit..

Good private spot to wash my hair. The silver post in the middle has four showers for washing sand off your feet..

Rio’s happy enough to carry his own ‘doggie bags’ 😄

Great to see Jimmy again.. 
we ended up with quite a gathering with the four vans, four men, two ‘wives’, and a dog..
I’ll be due a quiet weekend I think..
Those mountains look good.. 🤔

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