Tuesday, 7 April 2015

4WD Off Road & Shipwreck

2:32pm, Monday, 21°

We're currently sitting out an intense thunder storm and torrential rain just south of Villa Nova de Milfontes. On getting here and finding a great spot we were walking to the beach when the heavens opened. Both running back to the van!! Wow! Just saw a mad flash of forked lightening!!

8:54pm, 21°c

Arrived at our current location just at sundown. It's been a day on (and off) the road. After bidfing farewell to our new friends, tarted out the day with several km off road, following the coast north. Some pretty good tracks..

Then went on the hunt for the shipwreck at Villa Nova de Milfontes, eventually finding it just north of the town. Very interesting to see at close quarters with the waves smashing into it - mysterious as shipwrecks tend to be..

The most popular story is that it was a Dutch tugboat being used for contraband which ran aground trying to hide from the Portuguese coast guard.I was planning to camp near there but it was too close to the town for what I'm used to, so we set off north back into the wilds of the Alentejo.

Rio resting head on paw, during the drive north today.

We have ended up in a special place right beside a fort, and can see an offshore island with a castle on it rising out of the gloomy dusk..
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Location:Estrada da Ilha do Pessegueiro,Sines,Portugal

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