Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Porto and beyond..

6:33pm, Wednesday, 12°c, 1015m

We have currently stopped on the mountain just before Villa Real after a seemingly endless steep climb to what is now 1015m - as you can see, it hasn't taken Rio long to beat his 900m altitude!

We arrived into Porto last night at sunset and in 27°c heat. Having found a good place to spend the night I prepared dinner, while Rio surveyed the scene outside..

This morning things had cooled down a bit and we set off for a walk around Porto's centre itself. Our camp spot below a ruined villa was already a dramatic starting point from which to begin exploring..

The route took us along the bank of the river Douro, and past the boatyard and port ships before crossing the great iron bridge into the centro.

Rain began to fall, sometimes heavily adding to the atmosphere of ramparts and winding misty stone stairways, to views over rooftops and chapels..

I spent much of the time sheltering under shop awnings and in doorways each time the heavens opened, taking in what met my eyes with my camera.

Porto is definitely a place where it's possible to feel the history seeping into your bones as you tread the stone pathways, and pass between dingy alleyways and monumental buildings not separated.

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