Friday, 3 April 2015

Praia da Amoreira, Aljezur, Portugal

10:30pm, Thursday, 14.8°c

Tonight we are both lying in bed after another pretty hot day. We are right beside the beach and I'll be able to hear the waves crashing in as I fall asleep..

I spent a lot of time sitting in the sun and reading just outside the van as it was too hot to walk too far along the sandy dune paths. Even Rio lay down in the shade of a bush when earlier we walked in the direction of the next beach.

Rio trailblazing the desert!

I picked up this little burner very cheap in Aljezur this morning, only 27cm across, so when the sun started to lose its intensity I prepared some ingredients and lit a small fire. I boiled some water, cooked pasta and then fried up some fresh veg, all over the small open fire which I kept feeding with bits of dried palm branches..

Grill from the camper stove over the fire.

Mixed it all up with some pesto, and it was a pretty good meal, with a slice of bread and a glass of red wine. It was a thoughtful way to cook as I had to make each element separately over the fire - a calming evening activity as the fire crackled in the sea air just before sundown.

After dark Rio tackled his bone, while I tuned in to the UK TV election debate on my iPhone. There are some pretty good SIM card deals at the minute for mobile Internet. I have 10gb for €12.50 from Moche. I've found this winter that many of life's essentials & pleasures are very affordable here in Portugal.

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