Monday, 13 April 2015

Big Wave Surfing, Nazaré

7:35pm, Sunday, 20°

Sitting out around the little fire after barbecuing some burgers on it for dinner. Have been at Nazaré since around lunchtime.

it's one of those places I could easily stay for a week. We're camped at the north Praia where the big surf is and were lucky enough to witness surfers getting towed in to surf some big waves just as we arrived here. I was able to sit on the beach in my deckchair, close to the shore and watch - hardly anyone else about - amazing!

Ripping it up!

The jet-ski tow in

Thanks to Jack & Bridie from Australia for the tip on which beach to come to. Met them this morning and had coffee - they had bought their metallic grey LDV van in London and were now travelling free around Europe for the summer and surfing all the best spots along the way. Watch out for them on the road.

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