Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Timeless.. Mira, Portugal

2:15pm, Tuesday, 25°c

I am in a most beautiful and peaceful place, Praia de Mira..I could not believe it when we pulled in here yesterday after driving through the pine forests of the national park.

The sun was hit but there was a cool hazy mist coming in from the crashing waves, and these beautiful fishing boats stood gallantly on the shore facing the sea as they have done for centuries.

This is a calming place, seemingly lost in time - fishermen knotting the nets as they stretch out for many metres along the beach.

The ox are replaced by tractors now but they still use massive oars to help negotiate the surf breaks to get offshore.

Rio & I shared a BBQ on the beach last night with Dave & Vanessa and their dog Toffee, grilling some fish of course and watched the orange sunset directly out on the horizon.

We are just relaxing this afternoon and I plan to motor a couple of hours to Porto this evening, when things become a little cooler.

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Location:Rua das Buganvílias,Mira,Portugal

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