Saturday, 4 April 2015

Same place | when in Rome

9:03pm, Friday, 17°

Really settled into the trip now, the past is gone, it only takes a couple of days..
when on the road new experiences keep coming, leaving no room to dwell on what's in my wake.

As I write, Rio is chewing away on his bone, and of course we are listening to Kate Rusby, having just come on from an evening around the wee fire. Sunset was stunning tonight. Here's one taken a short while before..

So yes, summer season has begun here, it's also Friday of bourse and folks have arrived for their Easter break, so when in Rome eh, I spent the day sunbathing on the beach and reading! I do like to spent at least two nights in a place too - gives me the chance to settle in and feel at home there as well as a whole day in between to roam around the area on foot, which Rio loves.

Our camp at tea time

Out for a walk earlier we were passed by six different 4x4s on the track, so we may go that way ourselves tomorrow to get to the next beach along..

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