Friday, 10 April 2015

Exploring Sintra, Portugal

1:55pm, Thursday, 19°c

We have just arrived in the magical town of Sintra!

After passing through the huge expanse of Lisbon, we climbed into the hills and after hunting around a bit, up and down narrow cobbled streets, we are now parked in a relaxed town square. From what I've seen so far it really is beautiful here and it's true, there are castles in the sky!

9:54am, Friday, 14°c

We were up early today and out walking high above the town, up towards the castle walls. a fine mist hanging bellow added to the mysterious feel of the place. Despite Sintra bring a tourist destination in Portugal, there are still a number of former exuberant hillside mansions which are empty and run down, moss covering their walls.

The tiles here always stand out like the day they were fired, even if the building is falling down around it.

Yesterday we visited the popular sights, the 10th century Moor's castle a steep climb up the hillside is an enchanting sight, both viewed from the town below, and as you discover it directly bend by bend along the cobbled paths and ancient stone walls. Thanks for visiting! If you've any comments or questions please share them below.

We walked through the tourist centre of the town - it was Rio's first time in a crowd and he was as calm as always, even when we came across some of Sintra's small green eyed cats. The cats also did not run from him. Rio also made friends with an Australian couple who were on a coach tour of Europe, missing their dog back at home, and charmed the locals when I stopped for a drink at an outdoor cafe.

Today we intend to head on, northwest to hit the coast around Peniche to see if we can witness some big wave surfing.

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Location:Escadinhas de Dom Fernando II,Sintra,Portugal

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