Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sand & Sea Air

2:57pm, Saturday, 21°c

It's feeling much hotter than the shade temp on my thermometer, especially in direct sunlight..

we are just back from a walk to collect some more firewood - it really doesn't take much to cook a meal on the small fire, so just a carrier bag of sticks is more than enough.

This is a great location, and the weathers great so I reluctant to move along until tomorrow morning. It's only really in the mornings and evenings when I feel like getting active at the minute. I have such a great view as well, and enough water and food for a couple more days.

8:08am, Sunday, 16°c

I'm lying in my sleeping bag, looking out the open sliding door at the sea across the dunes. It's a calming sound, and the waves, though quite large, seem almost to be breaking in slow motion. I can hear a skylark singing, and Rio is out scurrying around somewhere in the dunes, making reappearances in the van every ten or so minutes. He gets excited when he heard the coffee pot signs ling breakfast time!

Rio's now sporting a black patch on top of his head after rubbing it on the sump under the van, so maybe I'll have to shampoo his hair as well today.

Yesterday evening as we were coming back from a walk on the beach before dinner, I met a Swiss couple, Philip and Julia, we got talking and then invited for dinner with them, we were soon joined by a French couple who pulled in 'next door' and soon there were three languages being spoken around the camp table as we all had a glass of wine, and Rio being spoiled with tidbits of sausage, tail wagging like a hummingbirds wings.

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