Thursday, 2 April 2015

Monchique to Aljezur, Portugal

7:46pm, Wednesday, 20°c

We are settled down for the evening, by the river at Aljezur..

While walking around Monchique village today it was 28°c and pretty stifling in the van at lunchtime, so I decided to move closer to the west coast.

Rio takes shade from the heat in Monchique

Highlights of the day include watching red rumped swallows whilst still in the mountains, a species only seen on Europe's south coast. The drive west was beautiful, especially the final descent into the valley to Aljezur.

Statues playing tricks with our eyes in Monchique

This afternoon we sat high above the town in what was once an old 10th century Arab fort, feeling the sun on my back and with the not so distant sound of the waves on the west coast shoreline, intermingled with cowbells on the river pastures below. Storks circled above the valley's fields to our east, and I could see the summit of Fóia from whence we came..

Fóia on the horizon

Today's route, about 32km..

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