Monday, 27 April 2015

Picos de Europa - Day II

8:25am, Sunday, 6°c out, 9°c in.

Pretty cold this morning up here, not what we have become accustomed to, he he. Rio went out into the mist and cowbells, only to come back in a few mins later - he's now curled up on the bed in a ball..

 Thermal trousers on and both burners on for coffee will sort things out in here. Well, at least we are not on that snowy mountain pass.

11:21am, Sunday, 9°c

We took a walk up the track from camp - walking up through the mist it was hard to see the track in front of us, but then, breaking out on a pass, incredible views appeared, then receded back into the passing cloudscape.

Rio does some rock climbing..

There were vultures perched on ridges, presumably resting on a journey across the Picos range..

I also spotted several eagles soaring high above with their wingtips fanned out like fingers in the air currents, their cries echoing through the valleys below.

Vultures again from a little closer.

On the way down from our walk we met heard voices in english, and had a conversation with an english couple who were travelling with tents and bicycles - they did not know what lay ahead of them ascending that mountain pass. I think we will pack everything into its place now and explore further along the valley. I wonder where we will end up by this evening?

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