Saturday, 11 April 2015

Supertubos, Peniche

2:43pm, Friday, 22°

A couple of hours drive, and back onto the west coast and we have arrived at Peniche, in fact at the Supertubos beach just south of the town..
I'm having a drink at the beach bar with a view across to the town and the huge beach stretching south. It's nice to have some warm sunshine back as well so hopefully a weekend relaxing in the sun again.. It's a hard life for us. Everything is within a couple of kms of here so I may drive around later this afternoon before deciding where to set up base for a couple of nights. It's nice not to move on every day, and the weekend seems like a good time to stop for a bit.

11:57am, Saturday, 20°

Just relocated to Supertubos this morning after spending the afternoon/night yesterday up at the northern promontory of Peniche. It's an amazing spot with views out to sea with the Berlenga islands on the horizon. We walked around the area quite a bit..

North coast of Peniche.

My camp spot last night had a perfect view out to sea and looked directly westward to the sunset about ten past eight..

This morning it was a bit windy to stay up there, considering I've a bit of housekeeping to do and want to sit in the sun. Having driven a circuit of the town there are many interesting thing to see including cliffs, fortifications, a picturesque harbour, and other beaches too.

It's a quiet spot here. I've washed my hair outside using my vans retractable shower head/kitchen tap - very refreshing. Having long hair it takes a couple litres of water to do the job properly but its great to have everything I need without stopping at campgrounds to use facilities.

Surf wise things initially appeared very calm here, but the scale is pretty deceptive.. I walked along the beach today to where most of the surfers are, and close up, while the waves are not what this place is renowned for, they are certainly having fun out there. See pic at top of the post.

Wave warning!

So, for now we are sitting on the beach and I intend to have a quiet saturday relaxing and reading by the sea. Rio's taking it easy too..

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