Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Fóia, Monchique, Algarve, Portugal

7:49pm, Monday, 19°c

We are parked up near the summit of Fóia, at 900 metres,
this is the highest point in the Algarve. The views are incredible from here. I can see Portimáo far below as the sunset brings an orange glow to the white buildings. Little lights will soon be beginning to dot the coast. We are camped at an abandoned military post. The summit itself has a sprawl of listening posts and antennae. Saw one soldier. I'm having a glass of red wine, watching the sunset after dinner. From here we can see most of the south and the west coast, and pick out many of the places I now know well. Looking forward to some walking tomorrow, I think Rio is too!

Rio at 900 metres. When will he next be at this height?

6:30pm, Tuesday, 22°c

We walked for about four hours today, first up to the second summit, and then down into the valley to the north..

Stumbled upon a downhill mountain bike run, entitled 'Mach 10' and decided to follow it down. I would not ride a bike down that myself! Huge jumps and steep drops on the way..

The beginning of the trail

Rio on 'Mach 10'

No bikers were to be seen though it looked recently maintained. At the bottom of the trail we followed a winding track down to a stream walled by wildflowers..

Across the small stream we came upon a seemingly abandoned farm in a most peaceful and idyllic location. A very old man still lived there in a small hut among the ruined buildings..

You might be able to see his washing hanging out to dry. Apart from him we saw hardly a soul all day. I plan to spent tonight here then explore the village tomorrow.

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