Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Forte De Nossa Senhora Da Queimada

10:03am, Wednesday, 17°

I'm sitting having coffee this morning having spent the night here at Praia da Aberta Nova..

Sunset last night..a very unspoilt and peaceful location at the end of a 2km sand track. Despite being so remote there is a wooden restaurant which runs of a generator, just below the terraced sandy car park, but very little coming and going here. There seems to be a 24hr police presence but friendly towards me. They appear to be on coastal drug smuggling watch. From here the beach stretches as far as the eye can see in either direction..

Not a soul for miles!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of the company of Peter & Saskia for lunch back at Forte De Nossa Senhora Da Queimada. I learned that the island fort had been planned to prevent the British sailing ships from taking cover behind the island from the canon fire from the land fort. From my location it was easy to imagine the sea battles of old and sails in the wind.

The island as seen from my camp..

The island fort was left uncompleted due to building stone not standing up to the sea, and the difficulty of transporting fresh water there in winter seas. Peter also told me that there is a Portuguese folk song about this place.

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