Thursday, 9 April 2015

Overnight at Setubal, Portugal

10:07am, Thursday, 15°

Bringing the sunshine back with fresh orange juice..

After an hour and a half on the bumpy roads yesterday I arrived in Setubal yesterday in time for heavy rain! It was a but of a shock to the system, both the weather, and being in such an urban environment again, after so long in rural coasts and mountains.

I'm located just outside the city, but it still has a very close to the city feel about it. There is a lot of shipping activity, but the place itself was quiet last night, although I'm just behind a restaurant on parkland.

I can see across to Tróia peninsula and have been watching passenger and vehicle ferries crossing this stretch of water. I saw the first sailing ship of the trip out there too - two masts but not travelling under sail. There are quite a few cats around here, but Rio has not shown much interest in them which is good.

The beach just below us - Praia da Albarquel

It's nearly time to hit the road after a few checks on the van. I always check the water & oil levels daily and have a look around when on a longer trip.

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