Thursday, 30 April 2015

Back in the UK!

11:22am, Friday, 17°c

Sunset at Portishead last night

We've stopped for a break on the way up through England..
- this time just running with the motorways, but I still stop every hour for a 1/2 hr break for a coffee and Rio can stretch his short legs. I like to let the engine cool down a bit too on long runs.

Last night we stopped over at Portishead, just on the coast beside Bristol after driving up from Plymouth docks. It was a beautiful sunny arrival into England and we'd no problems with customs or Rio's entry to the UK for the first time.

Stopping over at Portishead seafront was only a three mile run from the M5, and a reasonably quiet place - I slept really well. Also there is a great lakeside park and shoreline to walk the dog, and a couple of cafes if you want something to eat. Rio is taking England in his, short, stride enjoying the grassy green parks and stony shores - lots of new smells and places to sniff out and discover.

The van is running well. Checked levels this morning again - all good. I topped up the fuel tank in Santander with diesel at €1.19 p/l - this should get us well on our way - there's a jerry can on the roof too of course!

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